Sunday, July 20, 2008

Banking Updates

I have to say that Jagex really did a good job with the most recent changes to the bank interface. I have not played with the tabs much but I can see that they will come in handy.

What really knocks me out is the search option. How many times I have looked for something I needed for a quest or something only to decide half an hour later that I really don't have one. Then I would go and get whatever it is by buying it or making it or something, only to deposit it and not see it at the bottom of the bank. And then all over again, I would look through the bank for it, only this time I would know it has to be there, because I just put it there...or am I crazy?

Anyway, now I can find it as long as I remember what it is called. Also, if I need a bunch of similar items I can type in just enough of the name for just those items (and maybe a few others) to show. Super potions is something that I find this way now frequently; they don't even need to be near each other in the bank now! Plus I find all the various doses that I have left from simply dumping my unused portions into the bank at the end of a slayer task or quest.

Anyone have anything they like or dislike about the bank now?

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